Product Examples

Injection Molding

Name: Internet Jack Base
Material: Bayer 6557, 94V0 grade, anti-UV power added
Lead time up to First Article: 3 weeks

Flat Fin

Flat fin heat sinks are a simple, cost effective thermal solution for dissipating heat for unidirectional air flow. ThermoMech’s flat fin heat sinks are most often produced using an extrusion process.

Round Fin

Round fin heat sinks are the best choice for multi-directional airflow. The round fin design maximizes the surface area of the fins to provide greater airflow across the heat sink. Cold forging is the ideal method for creating round fin heat sinks.

Stacked Fin Heat Sink

Stacked fin heat sinks improve heat dissipation by multiplying the surface area of the fins and, as result, provide optimal airflow for high power devices. In ThermoMech’s stacked fin heat sinks, the fins and the heat block are joined together using precise welding technology, which enhances overall thermal efficiency. Aluminum and copper are ideal choices for stacked fin heat sinks.

Liquid Cooling

Although convection through a heat sink does effectively dissipate heat, it cannot stand up to the level of cooling that liquid cooling offers. ThermoMech’s liquid cooling system is a perfect solution for extremely high power devices such as CPU and GPU.