2D/3D CAD Designing

CAD design, drafting and modeling, following ASME notations. With our production experience, we provide the expertise needed to meet design requirements while also designing for efficient, streamlined production.

Finite Element Analysis

Comprehensive stress analysis you can depend on. Given a set of boundary conditions, we stress-test your design and provide a thorough report so you save money during the initial design and prototype stages. Our thermal engineering expertise also helps optimize heat sink design to full effect.

Thermal Analysis

Precise, thorough thermal simulations to ensure your designs are as effective as can be. Given  a set of boundary conditions, our thermal engineer provides a complete report and can help optimize heat sink design to full effect.

Manufacturing/Production Management

At ThermoMech, we’re committed to delivering high-quality products on time. We work closely with our partner factories in Asia to ensure a seamless and rapid transition from prototype to production. With expertise in a variety of manufacturing processes, ThermoMech gives precise recommendations for how to achieve a successful end-product while keeping costs low. ThermoMech performs Design-For-Manufacturing (DFM) and rigorous quality control for every product to ensure top-quality and reliability.